Thursday, 27 January 2011

simple tutorial, do it ur self.. (How to Install a Computer Water Cooling System)

Things You'll Need:
·         Water cooling kit
·         Alcohol swab
·         Thermal paste
·         Coolant
     Step 1
Check the specifications for your computer's motherboard. Purchase a water cooling kit that fits the motherboard.
     Step 2
Open your computer. Remove any cards from the motherboard. Unplug all cables. Make note of where everything goes, since you will need to reassemble it later. Remove the motherboard from the case and set it on a flat, static-free surface.
     Step 3
Locate the heat sink. You will find the heat sink attached to the central processing unit. Release the clip from the heat sink. Remove it gently by sliding it forward.
     Step 4
Clean the exposed processor chip with an alcohol swab. Apply thermal paste to the top of the processor. Mount the water block to the processor using the kit's mounting bracket.
    Step 5
Put the motherboard back in the case. Reattach all cables and cards. Clamp the hoses to the water block. Connect the pump's power cable to a connector from the computer's power supply.
     Step 6
Fill the reservoir with the coolant. Prime the system. Check all connections for leaks.
    Step 7
Turn on the computer. Go into the computer's setup. Check the temperature in the system bios. If the temperature is high, make sure the pump is working properly.


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